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Henk Bosch

  1. I help sinners be loved and set free beyond belief
  2. I help saints be thriving end-time entrepreneurs
  3. I help innovators code for justice and fun

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I hope you will make it your goal to simply be loved by God

What can I tell you about myself? If you want to see my credentials, I can guarantee you I have nothing substantial. Jesus is my everything and I believe He is the healer of every human heart. I want to join hands with friends, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters whose hearts are beating for God's love on earth. Whatever love is reserved for us in heaven is God's desire for us on earth, simply because He taught us to pray: "on earth as it is in heaven". There will never be a reason for suicide, depression, or small joy if you experience His love every day. This is my story. This is how God became real to me. In 1999 I was 17 turning 18. I was a full-time drug addict but I always loved Jesus, at least from a distance because that is where I thought He was. I imagined Him somewhere far away sitting on a cloud beside the Father. Every time I would hear about Him it was positive to me, but He remained distant. I never asked myself where the Holy Spirit was. But that day no one witnessed me. I was on my way to get some drugs after yelling at my dad (who is a preacher) for being the worst person in the world. As I left the house it was as if heaven opened and I was flooded with this amazing supernatural love. My life flashed in front of my eyes. It was as if I died because things could never be the same again. I knew it was the Holy Spirit and suddenly I knew He was much closer to me than I ever was. Thank you, Jesus, for all your grace! So that is why I want to join hands to end poverty most accurately defined as the lack of love. This love is needed everywhere, not just in church. I have three kids and the best wife I could never have asked for. In Christ God gave us everything. Whatever happens in this world, you have permission always to remember how loved you are.

bosch family

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